The Ganapati Mantra

English: Dagdusheth Ganpati 2005
English: Dagdusheth Ganpati 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the first Indian shloka or mantra that I learnt was the Ganesha mantra. We all used to sit together in the evening after my mother lit the lamp and used to say it together. It is something that I want to do even now. Say it like small kids with innocence and naivete.

Gajananam Bhoota Ganadi Sevitam

Oh Lord with an elephant face, you are worshipped by the living beings

Kapittha Jambu phalasara bhakshitam

Tasting the Elephant apple or kapittha and jambu or jamun

Umasutam Shoka vinasha karanam

The son of Goddess Uma and the one who destroys grief

Namami Vigneshwara pada pankajam

I worship and bow down to you , with the lotus feet of Ganesh, you are Lord of all.


One thought on “The Ganapati Mantra”

  1. Sarva vighna haram devam
    One who removes all obstacles arising in future

    Sarva vighna vivarjitam
    One who destroys existing impediments

    Sarva Siddhi pradataaram
    One who has attained all Siddhis

    Vandeham Gananayakam
    Salutations a to the Leader of Ganas

    Mooshika Vahana Modaka Hasta
    One who has the mouse for a vehicle and carries the Modaka (Sweet ) in his hand

    Chamara Karna Vilambita Sootra
    One who has big fan like ears and a long trunk

    Vamana roopa Maheshwara Putra
    He who is the short and stout son of Maheshwara

    Vighna Vinayaka Pada Namaste
    I salute your feet , Oh Lord of all action

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