Share A Soul From Bharati

bharatiBharathy a chartered accountant by profession and a mother of two, runs a full fledged household but makes it a point to be more involved with her inner voice. She shares the following shloka with us today.

Sarva vighna haram devam
One who removes all obstacles arising in future

Sarva vighna vivarjitam
One who destroys existing impediments

Sarva Siddhi pradataaramphoto-0255.jpg
One who has attained all Siddhis

Vandeham Gananayakam
Salutations a to the Leader of Ganas

Mooshika Vahana Modaka Hasta
One who has the mouse for a vehicle and carries the Modaka (Sweet ) in his hand

Chamara Karna Vilambita Sootra
One who has big fan like ears and a long trunk

Vamana roopa Maheshwara Putra
He who is the short and stout son of Maheshwara

Vighna Vinayaka Pada Namaste
I salute your feet , Oh Lord of all action


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