Share A Soul With Komal

komalKomal is a radio jockey and a voice over artist. A very hardworking, genuine soul, she has an infectious laughter and a divine smile. She is a mother of two and pursues her passion of worshipping Krishna ardently. Today she shares her soul thought with us.

Lord Krishna embedded photo by the uploaderToday is Ekadasii. of the most auspicious days when I fast for my Lord Krishna from the past 8 years or so.
Don’t remember when I got seriously interested in spirituality. .what is the purpose of this life etc. . But I did see death of a close one which got me thinking about life, body,death,soul,consciousnesses etc….and probably that incident lead me closer to HIM.  I began by fasting on all the Ekadasii s. ..and from there on started reading the Bhagvat Gita., chanting innumerable rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamantra., listening to Srimad Bhagavat,delving more n more into matters of the spirit soul.
Have got many answers too ..or u can say I have become deeply spiritual and it’s a never ending knowledge..its vast. . Can’t be put in words. .but just felt or experienced.
Practising Krishna Consciousness is living with Him right here on this earth…u need not go searching for heaven or vaikuntha loka. .it is perfection of life before death. .and if this really is what you do while u are alive. .it will carry on in the life after death. It is said the thoughts u carry in your death prepare you for the next life.  So if your thoughts are predominantly of won’t be anything else than you going back to Godhead. ..

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