Why Should We Go To A Temple


മലയാളം: Thiruvambadi Temple, Thrissur
മലയാളം: Thiruvambadi Temple, Thrissur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



English: Ampalappuzha Srikrishna temple
English: Ampalappuzha Srikrishna temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In olden days, it was an accepted routine to get up early in the morning, have a bath and go to the temple. Today, with our fast life and regular stress, we find going to a temple as an ordeal. Those who are dedicated make it everyday and the other few go whenever time permits.


So why exactly a temple early in the morning? Research says that temples are built in specific places after a lot of calculation and scientific intervention. Temples are usually found on places where the magnetic attraction of the earth is the maximum.

Gravity at a macroscopic level.

Since we are all pulled towards the centre of the earth due to a gravitational force, it is believed that all of us are magnetic bodies.


One of the first drawings of a magnetic field,...
One of the first drawings of a magnetic field, by René Descartes, 1644. It illustrated his theory that magnetism was caused by the circulation of tiny helical particles, “threaded parts”, through threaded pores in magnets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So if we go to a place which has lot of magnetism, we are recharged with an energy that helps us to carry on work for some more time.




Visiting a temple is thus a way of recharging our batteries and revving up energy to carry on in life.


English: Vadakkumnathan Temple's Thekke Gopura...
English: Vadakkumnathan Temple’s Thekke Gopura Vathil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



When we pray, we are regaining lost strength and thus become charged up for the day. Thus the system of going to temples has always been an intelligent approach by our elders.

English: Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Na...


For the uninitiated, temples are just a form of worshiping the Power above.

Angkor Wat, the front side of the main complex...

Akshardham Temple




Commercialising it is just another form of offering to God.



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