What Do We Mean By The Evil Eye

English: Eye of evil


Often we have heard nannies telling children to move into the house soon, as it turns dark, lest some evil eye is cast on the child. Come to this part of the world in India, there are many cases of grandmothers, mothers, and old maids hovering around their pregnant daughter or successful sons and making sure there is no evil eye cast on them. So what exactly is this evil eye ? Does someone really come and cast an evil eye on some other person? No. this is not what happens. Let us understand it further.

Firstly, we should understand that thoughts are actions. Actions lead to habits, habits become our nature. We are what we think. As mentioned earlier in https://thesoulbistro.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/why-should-we-go-to-a-temple/ we are all manifestations of magnetic bodies. We have an energy around us.  This is our own magnetic field.  This is filled with our thoughts. If we think positive, our energy is positive and our magnetic field is positive. If we think negative, we fill our own energy field with a negative energy.

Now if a person with a positive energy moves around in the world, any one coming in contact with him is bound to get his positive energy into his field by law of attraction. Thus, when a person with a negative energy field comes nearer, then he fills the energy fields of the person around him with negativity.  Thus every person around this negative energy field would have a little bit of negativity in their fields. This negativity leads to things happneing in a negative manner.

This is what is interpreted as evil eye. We say that someone has cast an evil eye. So to be on the safer side always, think positive and do positive things. These include, chanting, praying, thinking good, reading a Holy Book.

Shakhrisabz, against the Evil Eye

Indian mantras are a way of thinking positive and spreading the air with positive energy.


Nazars, charms used to ward off the evil eye.


So the next time you think of someone casting an evil eye, you know what it is all about and you also know what to do.


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