Why Do We Listen To Our Inner Voice?

English: Magnetic field
English: Magnetic field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times has it happened to you that you felt there is someone behind you and sure enough there actually was someone.? How is it possible that you are looking ahead and you feel someone behind even if they did not make any noise?

How many times has it happened that you felt like calling someone on the phone and in a few moments, that person calls you?

How many times have you landed up in your friend’s place just when he or she needed you the most?

This and many more things are results of the message centre in our Universe. Yes, our universe is a hub of messages sent back and forth.

Global Magnetic Field IGRF 2000
Global Magnetic Field IGRF 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cell phone technology is just  recent invention. Centuries before that, the system of wired messages has been existing in its own manner. Many years back, when there was no means of communication, there was just one system that prevailed. This is the system of human psyche.

As mentioned in  https://thesoulbistro.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/what-do-we-mean-by-the-evil-eye/  and    https://thesoulbistro.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/why-should-we-go-to-a-temple/ our body is a magnetic field. What we think is let out into this field.  Thus each individual thinks and lets it out in the magnetic field.

Magnetic field
Magnetic field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now what happens to these messages? If we think of A and let out a thought, the message is meant to reach A, and it does. From our magnetic field it goes to the magnetic field of A. Every thought that we think for someone surely reaches him or her. Now it depends on what A is doing during the time the message reaches him. Just like we have a missed call in the cell technology , similarly, there is a missed message in the human technology. When

Listen Here!
Listen Here! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the message reaches A and he or she is busy, then the message fails to register in his brain. But if it does, then he is receptive and responds unconsciously. This is what happens in case of a call that comes when you are thinking of the person.

So every thought we think and every message we send is received by the world and by the person you mean it for. This is the explanation for the feeling of someone behind, the call which come when you expect, the miracle that happens when you pray etc.

So just send the good messages across the Universe and see it coming back to you with doublefold results.

This is the secret behind our inner voice which is the only one which recognizes messages sent to us. Our inner voice is our conscience which is always active. Our mind is our machine which does what we tell it to do, but the conscience has a mind of its own and it sends and receives messages from across the Universe. This sixth sense or inner voice is what makes our world function ceaseless. This is why we listen to our Inner Voice.

So the next time your inner voice tells you something, you know how it works!


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