Why Should We Have A Bath The First Thing In The Morning

Cells (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The elders always ask us to have a bath before doing anything in the morning. I still remember how I used to get bored to do it and used to do it reluctantly. But there is a reason behind all this.


Our body is made up of cells. It has the habit of shedding cells, and replacing it with new ones. If you sit in one single room for a week, without any windows and without leaving the room, you would find the walls of the room turning black. This is due to the constant shedding of the cells which accumulate and form the black coating. In a day, we shed more than thousands of cells. This accumulates on the bed, and also around us. These are called dead cells. This is the reason we should change the bedsheet every day. We will speak about this in another article. Coming back, to the cells, since we shed cells at night, the skin requires rejuvenation early morning. This is possible only with a good bath which would remove all the dead cells on the body.


The body is in a state of rest at night. By inertia of rest, we need to set the body in motion for the day, and this is possible only by washing it thoroughly. Once you have  bath, the dead cells die, and are washed away, and the active cells work again. For the body to constantly function, it is required that the cells of the body are replenished. Unless this is done, it is not possible to have a proper life. Our life is made up of multiplication of cells and their periodic shedding.


So the next time you think twice about having an early bath in the morning, you know what damage you are doing to yourself !



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