Grandpa’s Mantra For Temples

appadMr. G. Easwaran, is eighty years of age and has years of experience behind him. A loving father, and an understanding husband today, he shares with his secret mantra.

If a question arises as to why anyone should go to temples, do pooja etc then the answer is not definitely acquisition of wealth, power or any such worldly benefits. Such benefits are enjoyed by even non-believers.Similarly  we should consider accidents, diseases etc., as part of life and not relate them to temples, as these also occur irrespective of whether one believes in God or not. Going to temples, performing pooja etc., cleanse our mind and a pure mind is essential to attain gnyana…

 A new born baby cries “kwa, kwa” which literally means, “where, where”.The baby is really asking, “where is the joy “because that is where it has come from. The best example of Vedanta being interwoven in our day to day life can be seen in our traditional lullaby “yaar yaaro, yaar ivaro, yaaraagi povaaro” in Tamil meaning “who is this child, what was he in his previous birth, what will he be in the next”.

 Everyone is endlessly searching for God. Everyone is looking for joy and hence all are looking for nothing but God. But the search is carried out in the wrong places. True joy lies in the feet of God and not in worldly pursuits. The exercise would be as futile as trying to catch one’s own shadow. Joy is actually within one’s own self.

God Bless.




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