Mantra For Finding Lost Things

appadMr. G. Easwaran today brings for us an easy way to make our life easier. He gives us a mantra which if we chant, could help us to find things that we have lost.

How many times has it happened that you have misplaced something and are not able to find it? You know where you have kept it yet cannot remember. Mantras are a way of reaffirming the mind with positive thoughts. The more mantras you chant, the more your brain becomes stronger. This is true for any religion and any belief.  All that you have to do is believe, reaffirm and chant. This would sharpen your brains which would then function faster, thus bringing back to you the memory of where you might have kept the thing.

中文: 大隨求陀羅尼,(五代十國時期)後唐927年,1978年中國河南省洛陽市東郊出土。
中文: 大隨求陀羅尼,(五代十國時期)後唐927年,1978年中國河南省洛陽市東郊出土。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thoughts are actions and you should believe in yourself and use mantras as just plain reaffirmations of your thoughts. Say the following mantra the next time you lose something and see if the magic really works.

If you misplace something and are not able to find,chanting this sloka 3 to 5 times will help to find it.

5 thoughts on “Mantra For Finding Lost Things”

  1. I lost my anklet on road somewhere and I went to almost 8 different stores
    Next day I realized and searched frantically
    I chanted this 5 times and increased the power of my positive vibration
    I drove back 30 kms on the same path and
    I found it on the mud path …was a miracle that no one took it and I got it back
    This was my mother’s gift so very precious

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