Why Is Mind Your Master?

Duality of Mind
Mind Power

It is all in the mind. What you do is what your mind believes. There is never a case where you are forced to do something because someone wanted you to.  You are your own master and you are the “karta” or the owner of your actions.

Take for example, you are on your way to work and someone asks you to go for a movie. If you do and later put the blame on the friend who took you to the movie, then that is wrong. The rule of the game of life is to learn to take responsbility for your actions. Once you accept your actions as your own will, the rest falls into place.

Mind is the master. Constant complaining and bickering is not going to solve the problem. Instead of being part of the problem, it is important to be part of the solution. So the next time, you find yourself the victim of circumstances, pause, take notice and rewind back to when it started. You will realise, somewhere, you yourself are responsible for it. Deutsch: Phrenologie

There are so many parents who say that they had to succumb to their children’s request. My advice to them would be to always be in control, and be consistent. It is not what we say that matters, it is how consistently you say it as a parent that matters.

Mind is the master. So train your mind to instruct the child consistently and without any change. This is sure to make you a stern parent but a lovable one. Children are like clay, you can mould them to your liking and discipline. Make the best use of the mind and practise the art of controlling the mind and never succumb to small desires and petty lust. This is only your own undoing and only shows the lack of confidence within you.

Having a control over your mind would not only help you to understand yourself better but would also make sure that you know yourself completely. Sacrifice your temporary lust and passion and make way to make your mind stronger and give you all the reasons to lead a great life.

Enhance your self esteem by empowering your mind with good thoughts, deeds and actions and always be in control of your mind.


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