Guru Purnima A Day For Teachers

Dutch schoolmaster and children, 1662
Dutch schoolmaster and children, 1662 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who is a Guru? In Sanskrit Gu means darkness and Ru means ignorance. So Guru signifies one who removes darkness and ignorance in our life. A guru is a teacher. A teacher is anyone who can impart something that you do not know.

Any person who adds value to your life is a teacher. So even a child can be a teacher to a parent. It is only the way we accept the teacher in our life that matters. Learn to view life as a river of learning and knowledge and experience to be the two banks on either side. As the river flows, the banks remain constant but the river flows ahead. Similarly as life goes ahead, knowledge and experience is gained at every step.

So how do you achieve to control the flow of this river ? With the help of a proper guru we can make our life a better place and a simple paradise. A teacher is one who is there whenever you need him and will selflessly help you always and forever. Teachers are those precious gems which adorn the necklace of life and shine with the help of your efforts.

We do not have to have a single impression of teachers. They can be in any form, anywhere and at any place. A teacher does not have a particular form or shape. She or he can be anyone on the streets, at the workplace and in the public places.

Keep your mind open and free it from all bondings and biases. Allow yourself to be guided and mentored whenever it is needed and always be respectful to the one who taught you the basics of life.

Today on Guru Purnima Day it is time to pay back debts to all the teachers. Hail all the teachers in the world. !!!


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