Why Is A Nose Ring Worn?

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The nose ring is one such important jewellery item worn by not only married but also unmarried Hindu women. The importance of this jewellery piece differs across the country. Ayurveda believes that the nose is a node which governs the uterus. So it is believed that if it is pierced and a metal like gold or silver worn there, it would lessen the pain during the menstrual cycle of a woman. There is another school of thought which believes that it prevents nasal infection which is why in olden days even men used to wear nose rings.

Double nose piercing

There is proof according to Ayurveda that the left nostril of a woman is linked to her reproductive organs.  The nose ring thus is a sign of being in good health and is a permanent feature of many women.

Bride (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the number of states in India, this simple jewellery is worn in many forms across the country.  In South India it is called a Mukkuthi and in the states in North India it is called a nath. Maharashtra and Konkan coast call it the Nath and the Konkanis wear it in a particular fish shaped ornament.

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There has always been a reason why our ancestors have done something and the nose ring is only adding to prove this.


7 thoughts on “Why Is A Nose Ring Worn?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I´ve been living in India now for some time and still wonder about the meaning of many things. Even if I ask, most of the people cannot tell me the origin or background of a tradition. I also like to understand what surrounds, me even if it is not necessary. I loved that post!
    By the way, I have a question, you maybe know the answer…. Indian ladies do many things for the well-being and protection of their husbands, like wearing the mangalsutra or the sindoor, fasting and special pujas. Is there something husbands do or wear?
    Cheers from the Himalayas!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your appreciation and your interest. You could read other articles in my blog which covers many such practices. Your question on whether men wear anything to show they are married – Well, in earlier days there was a custom for men to wear a silver ring in their feet, but gradually this got eroded. Then the men used to wear a finger ring to show they are married. In Western Society even today the ring is the symbol that they are committed in a relationship. The sindoor and the mangalsutra got gradually specified for the women and with various superstitions regarding it, it became compulsory for the women to wear it. Today it is upto the women to wear it or not. In earlier days, the women used to wear it so that they would not be approached for marriage. Today the scene is different. If there is anything else you wish to know please do ask. Cheers from Mumbai!

      1. Well…. when I don´t wear my mangalsutra women ask about it and look at me like “Ohhhh….bad wife!” 😉 I guess in the big cities things are a bit different. Thanks for answering.

  2. Yes, when you do not wear, it is considered as sacred sin. It is believed the mangalsutra has lot of power. But in bigger cities, people might not really notice so much. Considering the fact that it is a custom, it is a better thing to practise it. ))) You are welcome. !

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