What Are Friends For


Who are friends and why should we love them ? Friendship is an art of healing and is the best cure to all problems in the world.  Friends are those jewels which adorn our life. These jewels cannot be seen by naked eye. They are visible only when we realise the true value of friendship.

A true friend is one who tells you what you are doing is wrong, if he feels so. There is no one to beat the capacity of a true friend, as the strength of truth is unparalleled. Friendship is one way of endorsing our faith in ourself.  If you believe yourself, you will be surrounded by similar friends, thus they are an extension of you.

Friendship is one bond that crosses all barriers from language, to religion to expressions. One does not need to keep a friend happy with material things. All that is required in a true friendship is tender loving care, faith , trust and integrity.

Take the case of the famous friendship between Lord Krishna and his friend Sudama. They were friends when they were children, but when they grew up, Lord Krishna became very rich, while Sudama suffered in poverty. One day, out of sheer desperation, Sudama went to ask for financial help from Lord Krishna on his wife’s behest. But the simplicity of the relation Krishna and Sudama shared was beyond all worries.

Krishna welcomes Sudama, Bhagavata Purana, 17t...
Krishna welcomes Sudama, Bhagavata Purana, 17th century, India. Color and gold on paper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Krishna saw Sudama his joy knew no bounds and they spent happy moments together. Krishna ate the puffed rice that Sudama had brought for him with great love.  On his way back, Sudama felt  guilty he did not ask for anything. When he reached his house, he was shocked to see a palace in place of his small hut. Krishna had taken care of the well being of Sudama.

English: Sudama returns home to find in place ...
English: Sudama
returns home to find in place of it, a golden palace, the gift of
Krishna, ca 1775-1790 painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Such is the power and purity in true friendship. You do not have to ask for anything. The friend is there to give always. Puffed rice is still a major delicacy in offerings to Lord Krishna till today signifying the victory of poverty.

Friendship is thus that bond which binds you together and is the best way to make the world a living paradise.


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