The Indian Namaste

A sadhu performing namaste (W:Anjali mudra) in...
A sadhu performing namaste (W:Anjali mudra) in Madurai, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Namaste is a universally recognized word and there is a spiritual explanation to why we do a Namaste in India.

 Namaskar or Namaste is a way of greeting when we meet another person. It is made with a bow and both hands are pressed together. The palms touch each other and the fingers are pointed upwards and are placed in front of the chest. This is in fact called the Namaskar Mudra by all.

 It is a very popular form of greeting in India and does not have any contact akin to the Japanese bow. Let us now see the spiritual benefits of doing a Namaste. Also meaning Namaskar this is a word that is derived from the Sanskrit word Namaha. Namaha means paying respect. It is believed that through this simple act of Namaste we are introducing the souls to each other.

 Namaste is the action and Namaskar is a stronger version of Namaste. When a person meets another person and greets, the feeling is that the souls are respected and there is a spiritual emotion created instantly.

Woman applies red powder onto the forehead of ...This creates a feeling of bliss between both and there is an instant exchange of energy. Thus when we do a Namaste we actually transmit a lot of energy.

A Namaste brings in a lot of energy between two people and this ring of bliss that is created is what makes the entire interaction positive.

Usually the eyes are closed when we do a Namaste to God. This is because we allow God to enter us and He can see through our closed eyes.

 Thus, the simple act of Namaste has a lot of scientific benefits and explanations. Nothing is ever done without reason and the Namaste is a humble witness to it.

So the next time you meet someone, try saying a Namaste!

An Oberoi Hotel employee doing Namaste, New Delhi.
An Oberoi Hotel employee doing Namaste, New Delhi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “The Indian Namaste”

  1. I love incredible India , every minute we spent for 4 months. I always sign with namaste… and love the humility of the gesture. I look forward to reading your blog. Check my little blog out of mostly about India but also some New York tales! Namaste. . . .. Anne

    1. Thanks so much annetbell, it was nice of you to leave a note for me. Will surely keep you updated about Indian customs))) ..Where are you from. Also read your blog it is really nice.

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