How Does One Achieve Success?

40+199 Dirty
40+199 Dirty (Photo credit: bark)

Success is a very subjective word. It is something that thinly demarcates ones effort, from ones achievements. One cannot define success focussing on a single thing. Everything depends on how you view success, and how best you would be able to define it. Success is that pinnacle that you reach as a result of your own hard work.

Let us take examples, a school going child feels that success is topping the grades and being the one with maximum grades. But for a child on the streets, success could be just getting that bit of bread to eat for the day. Both are children but their definitions of success vary according to their requirements, and their priorities. So success is situation based.

Illustration from: An Old-Fashioned Girl. By L...
Illustration from: An Old-Fashioned Girl. By L.M. Alcott. Boston: Roberts Bros, 1870 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A mother to be would feel success is if she has a normal delivery. But for a couple who are struggling to be parents, success could be that baby they get out of a surrogate mother. The situation is the same, but the emotions are different. Success is thus based on individuals as well as situations.

Now take the example of an old man, success for him could be reaching home after a walk , and not going out of breath. But at the same time, imagine a young man, his idea of success could be going for a walk, coming back, not going out of breath yet carry on with the next activity. Thus success is not only situation based, but on individuals, as well as on age.

Success is that element in life, which makes sure that a person is always on the path to progress. Do not measure success with temporary achievements. Do not value success with monetary gains. Do not judge your personality by your personal success. Success is that yardstick which is like a guiding light in your unknown journey in life. Have success by your side and all failures will automatically melt away.


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