Appa And Amma

Why Do We Have to Help Our Parents

Appa And Amma
Appa And Amma

A parent and a child are two sides of the same coin. It is like what came first. The chicken or the egg. It is difficult to say who came first – the child or the parent. For after some time, the child too is going to be a parent. Which brings us to wonder, why should we help our parents. Let us analyze it further.

There was an incubator-box-thingy in the agric...

Parents are the root of our existence. It takes a second for a new being to be implanted, but it takes nine months for it to grow, be fed, be developed and then come into this world. The reason the umblical cord is cut off soon after the child is born is to allow each to have an individual existence. An icon illustrating a parent and childHowever, the child is always part of the parent and is never a separated entity. The child gets its characterestics from its parent and not from any other outside source.

Parenting (Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov)

Thus the child becomes an extension of the parent. Today, we have extensions for files in computers. Files are grouped according to their extensions. No matter how many extensions, they all come from a single parent body.  Similarly the child comes from a single source and that is the parents.

Parents are the most selfless, sacrificing and the most dependable souls in the world. They are like that rock that never moves, but protects you from the shade of sun, wind and rain. They do not expect anything in return. All that they expect is that the children should be good individuals, and should fare well in life.

English: Parent and child of elephas namadicus...
English: Parent and child of elephas namadicus 日本語: 父象と子象(模型) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For all the things they do, and all the sacrifices they make, children can best do well to take care of their parents when they are old and sick. Parents are their mentors and everyone who guides us, have to be respected, loved and cared for.

Thus our duty towards our parents becomes mandatory and this is one place where we should not hesitate, turn back or hurt their feelings. The best way to pay them back is to learn to keep them happy always by simple acts and good deeds.


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