How Does A Negative Incident Make You Stronger

Stronger Than Death
Stronger Than Death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is it about negativity that makes you  stronger person? What is a negative experience? This and many questions dominate our psyche sometimes and we fail to get an answer to it. Take my case for example. Exactly a year back, I had encountered an incident that changed my attitude for ever.

My husband met with a major accident and was almost on the jaws of death. I held on, there was a power within me which gave  me the strength to fight. I fought tooth and claw. Today my husband is fine. But I am a stronger person.

I have no importance for materialistic things. I am not interested to show what I have, what I possess and what I wear. I believe now only in one thing – Truth. And if truth is with you, there is nothing to fear. So a negative incident only makes you stronger. It gives you the inner strength and is the mirror to your own capabilities. When there is something good happening, you do not realize the value of inner power as you really do not need effort to be happy.

When you are in trouble you need a lot of inner strength and you need to believe in yourself. When the whole world stands on one side, you should have yourself and your belief with you. This would stand you in good stead and help you tide over difficulties easily.

So the next time you have something negative happening in your life, see the flip side and you would surely come out of it, stronger, better, safer.


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