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What is Telepathy?

Gravitation keeps the planets in orbits around...
Gravitation keeps the planets in orbits around the Sun. (Not to scale) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times has it happened that you thought of a person and he or she calls you? Or for example you think of going to someones house and they land up at your place? Well this and many more are the ways of the world and the means by which people live, enjoy and stay well in the world.

Commonly called telepathy, this is a network you cannot dispute and which never goes out of order. This is one network that has the mind as the Protocol and the world as the browser. This is the world of telepathy. What is telepathy?

Our body is a magnetic aura. It is pulled towards the centre of the earth due to the gravitational attraction. This magnetism around us creates an aura. Every individual therefore has a particular aura specific to himself. Now our thoughts are the matter filling this aura. We live in the Universe. Whatever we think, speak or say is let out into this universe and comes back to us.  These thoughts have no where to go and nowhere to escape. When we think of someone it is a message that we have passed to that person. This is very similar to the texting that exists in cell phones today. This thought is the message that is sent out to the Universe. Every message we send to a person is surely received by the mind of that person. But it is only when the mind reads it and transmits it to the individual does the person react and reply. Most of the messages sent are transmitted and the person responds. Thus when you think of someone they call you because your thought has reached and been transmitted to the person.

The off cases when they are not transmitted are akin to the missed calls or the out of range problems that we have in cell phones today. So these messages never reach the person as he or she might be busy doing something else and never received the message.

This is the simple logic around which the world revolves and the basic fundamental of all the sages and saints who have had special undeniable powers. They have had the power of concentration and thus have been able to visualize the future and have been able to grasp the situation well.

This is telepathy and it can be developed well if you decide that you would be more aware of what is happening around you and be alert when it comes to matters of the mind. So the next time you receive a call or if someone visits you, understand the truth of the power of the mind.


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