What is Bhau Beej

Indian festivals have a certain charm which has to be experienced to be believed. This hidden beauty of celebrations and festive moments is what makes India such a vibrant country with religious customs, fascinating legends and beautiful traditions. Diwali, the five day festival of lights is one such interesting and colourful event which fills the entire country with a mood of festive fervour and intriguing unity.

The sparklers in Diwali Celebrations 2010
The sparklers in Diwali Celebrations 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bhau Beej is a festival that comes on the last day of this beautiful festival of Diwali and is celebrated by all the sisters for the good health, prosperity and long life of their brothers. Indians thrive in emotions and expressive feelings. Bhau Beej is one such emotional bond which brings together all the brothers and sisters across the country and the world.

Legend has it that this is the second day of the Indian month of Kartik and on this day Yama the Lord of Death visited his sister Yamuna. She greeted him with  tilak on his forehead wherein , Yama declared that any sister who applies a tilak on the forehead of her brother would save the life of her brother for a long time.

There is another legend which says that Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura and went to visit his sister Subhadra on this day. She received him with flowers, and applied a tilak on his forehead. This tradition is followed till today as Bhau Beej.

Krishna Battles the Armies of the Demon Naraka...
Krishna Battles the Armies of the Demon Naraka: Page from a Dispersed Bhagavata Purana (Ancient Stories of Lord Vishnu) Deli-Agra area, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brothers go to their sisters houses and sisters prepare a sumptuous meal with Basundi and Puri as a main dish. The sisters pray for the brothers and the brothers give gifts to the sisters. Some sisters who do not have brothers and who have brothers living far away pray to the Moon God. The moon is thus fondly called as Chandamama in India meaning Uncle Moon, Mama meaning the brother of the mother and Chanda meaning Moon.

Moon (Photo credit: shahbasharat)

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