Why Is Gudi Padwa Celebrated ?

The Gudi
The Gudi

Come March and Indians start preparing themselves for festivals, celebrations, and prayers. For it is that time of the year when it is harvest time. With the Rabi crop being harvested at this time and the stage being set for all time celebrations, Gudi Padwa augments the beginning of yet another year of success and progress. Gudi Padwa falls on the Indian month of Chaitra and is celebrated on the first day of this month. Let us see why is Gudi Padwa celebrated.

India is a land of festivals and Indian festivals have their own charm and beauty. They also carry a story along with their celebrations. Gudi Padwa too has innumerable legends and tales behind it. Let us see what makes this festival so unique and vibrant. Gudi is the flag like cloth that is hoisted on a stick and signifies the triumphant victorious feeling that we have when we win a war. This is one of the reasons the festival is celebrated as it respect to the great Maratha leader Chhatrapati Shivaji.


Gudi Padwa is also the harvest festival in India and is believed to be celebrated for the rich harvest that is reaped during this period. Fruits and mangoes are found in plenty here and there is a feeling of celebration all over. These could be the possible answers to queries of why is Gudi Padwa celebrated.

sugar candies for gudi padwa
sugar candies for gudi padwa

According to Hindu legends, this is the day when it is believed the creator of the world, Brahma created the entire world. It is said that one who prays on this day would help in saving the world from pralaya or apocalypse. India is a time where millions of Gods are worshipped and Gudi Padwa is said to be the day when they are revered specially.

Puran polis
Puran polis

Today as Gudi Padwa approaches, let us get ready for the vibrant colours, the laughter and joy and the beauty of seeing the Gudi raised on a stick as a proud Indian society marches towards the benefits of such religious celebrations across the country.

If you wish to know why is Gudi Padwa celebrated, then get ready for  March 31 this year as it is a  special day in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Let us pray for a happy, joyous, and inspiring year and give us the chance to show why is Gudi Padwa celebrated.



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