Aadi Maasam – The Beginning of Festivals in Tamil Nadu

English: The Precious God Muruga. This maha Ku...

India the land of festivals believes in special days with special significance. South India the land of temples is one of the best regions to be in to witness such occasions and celebrations.

Come the month of July August and the auspicious Tamil month of Aadi begins. This year too everyone is gearing to celebrate the month of Aadi in pomp on July 17, 2014. This month signifies the beginning of a series of festivals in this part of India and augments an auspicious ambience to the surroundings.

Aaadi Pirappu

Also called the Aadi pandigai this is the first day of the Aadi month and signifies the beginning of a good month. The day begins with decorating the front portion of the house with beautiful designs called kolams or rangolis. The kolam is drawn everyday and they are bordered with Kaavi which is a red coloured powder.

IMG-20131117-00628Mango leaves decorate the doorways and people go to temples and wear a new dress. Everyone prepares a sumptuous feast with paysam, puran poli, vadai etc. Married women usually change their yellow mangalsutra thread on this day.



Tarpanam – Dakshinayana Punyakalam

This year the time for praying for the ancestors or the Dakshina Punyakalam is on July 17, 2014. Many people perform rites for their ancestors on this day and it is believed that the sun changes its course from this day and the Gods have night for the next six months. So many Indian communities do not have any auspicious events on this day.

 Auspicious Days in Aadi Maasam

English: Aadi Special days
English: Aadi Special days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Auspicious Tuesdays on Aadi Maasam are called Aadi Chevvai, the Fridays are called Aadi Velli, and there is a no moon day in this month which is called Aaadi Amavasai. This is a day when one prays for the ancestors and als performs rites or tarpanam.  Then there is Aadi Pooram which is a day dedicated to Goddess Devi or Andal. This year in 2014, the Aadi Pooram day is very auspicious as it falls on a Friday.

Varalakshmi Puja

This is a puja that is celebrated every year during Aadi Maasam. Varalakshmi Puja is a celebration worshipping the Gooddess of wealth Lakshmi.

Padinettam Perukku

This is an auspicious day in the Aadi Maasam as it is the eighteenth day of the month of Aadi in the Hindu calendar. The day is in reverence of the River Kaveri and is very important. People make all kinds of delicacies on this and make various kinds of rice like lemon rice, tamarind rice, coconut rice and curd rice


Lord Muruga in Aadi Maasam

Lord Muruga and FamilyYou have the Aadi Karthigai festival in Aadi Maasam which is dedicated to Lord Muruga. People make sweets on this day and greet each other with affection and warmth.With so much in tow, Aadi Maasam sure is a day to celebrate with gusto and is a time for auspicious events and celebrations.




Aadi Maasam or the the month of Aadi in the Tamil calendar is a very auspicious day and is a time for reverence and celebrations.

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