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How To Make A Ganpati “Mandap” Easily

ready idolGanpati the festival of the Elephant Lord has come so near, and is round the corner.  People get so busy in many parts of India with the decorations and their related affairs. It is a time of joy, peace and happiness. People forget past grudges and vow to make a new beginning praying to the Lord of Wisdom and Obstacles. It is indeed a visual beauty to see the many faces of the Lord decorated and celebrated with such pomp and show. Ganpati Bappa Morya the cry never seems to stop reverberating in the atmosphere and it is all a scene of happy endings. The Lord is brought home and kept in decorated “Mandaps” which are adorned with flowers, decorative items and various kinds of creative ideas.

Are you ready with the preparations or you never had time to deal with the making of the “mandap”? Well,never mind there are solutions to this too. Things can be done at the last moment without a moment of worry.

Let me teach you how to make a “mandap” for the Lord without much hassle. All that you would need is

  1. Pieces of decorative cloth
  2. Four wooden pillars or wooden thick pieces or cardboard rolled as a pillar
  3. Some nails.
  4. Adhesive Tape
  5. Some lighting
  6. Acrylic paint of a colour of your choice
  7. A can of varnish
  8. Some flowers, whether real or artificial.
  9. Some decorative beads, necklaces, etc.

You get all this quite easily in the market or you can make do with things at home. Unused duppattas, calendar rolls, tennis ball containers, etc.


First take the four pillars and paint them to your choice of colour.


If it is wood, scrape it a little and then start painting.

Once this is done, make a “mandap with the four pillars erect and join them with a long strip of wood or cardboard.

make a frame out of wooden pillars
make a frame out of wooden pillars

Your mandap is ready in the form of an open rectangle

Now let the decorative pieces hang from the pillared structure and add the cloth to your choice of colour combination.


Add flowers wherever you feel would suit the frame.

decorative pieces on the mandap
decorative pieces on the mandap

Now take the lighting and just tape it to the frame.


Your mandap is ready.

the ready mandap
the ready mandap

Add decorative items of your choice and voila you are set.

decorated mandap
decorated mandap

In addition you may make an arch out of sponge cushions used in bouquets and tie it to a thin branch from a tree and make it into an arch. Then cover it with flowers and place it behind the idol. Put lighting in it and it would look wonderful.

Arch made of sponge
Arch made of sponge

What are you waiting for? Just get set and zoom towards making the best mandap.