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Why is There A Husband Reverance Festival in India

India is a land of festivals
India is a land of festivals

India is a land of myriad customs and cultures. It is a blend of amazing unity amidst cultural diversity. This is truly a wonderful potpourri of mixed traditions and imbibed customs. Thus this is a land where one can find a woman reaching out to climb the Mt. Everest at the same time you would find a lady bending down to touch her husband’s feet. Yes, in Hindus there is a custom of falling at the feet of someone elder to you and invariably in the Indian society the husband is always elder to the wife. Of course there is a general shift these days as change is the name of a changing world.



Why Revere The Husband

Indian women praying for their husbands
Indian women praying for their husbands

This brings us to wonder why exactly someone would really respect and pay reverence to a life partner. Isn’t this a very paradox situation that you actually live with a person and also worship him in the literal sense? Of course it is and it is also a fact that this very land of modern technological advancement and amazing scientific minds also has a custom and festivals based on fasting for husbands, worshipping them and taking their blessings. Is this not very juxtaposed like an antithesis?

Yes , sure it is and this is the reason why I am writing this article. A husband since early stone age times was always the man , the provider and the one who used to hunt out food for everyday existence. The woman by choice and by requirement used to stay back at home and tend the fire and the younger ones. Gradually man entered the Neolithic age and began to develop with the help of the constant support of the woman in his life who used to take care of the domestic affairs.

The Changing Society

women tending 1
Women Were the Natural Tenders

When the hand to mouth existence was over, man began to grow further and look into deeper space. As the concept of a developed society began to arise, woman was still in the role of the tender and the keeper. She started getting fears about her own security as it was entirely dependent on her man, her husband. She pondered on what could b e done to give her the affirmation and slowly began to form her own rules and traditions.



women praying 1
Women began to start the concept of a haldi kumkum

Those days the women were not independent enough to go out on their own therefore had their own ways of getting together . It used to be under the pretext of a Haldi Kumkum ceremony where women used to exchange vermillon or it used to be a festival where everyone used to gather and get together and pray for the welfare of their husbands who they found was their ultimate protector.

The Indian Festivals For Husbands

women praying for a good husbandThus began the festivals like Teej, Karwa Chauth, Karadiya Nombu, Vata Purnima all of which glorified the men in the lives of the women and slowly graduated into being mandatory religious customs. Women used to have the faith that if they prayed and did something good for their men, things would be secure in their lives. This is today known as the law of affirmation, or is also called positive thinking. We have been having discourses, debates, discussions on the law of attraction and the power of positive thoughts. Women in earlier times have been unconsciously been practising this without any inhibition.

Husband Worship and Today’s Women

Women began to earn a living
Women began to earn a living

Needless to say in today’s changing world where women are at par with the men and  have graduated from being just tenders to providers, the situation has changed. As there was never any reason for men to pray for their own security as they were by default the providers, the women of today continue to do the praying and preparing for the security for themselves, through worshipping their men in their own way. They may have deviated from the traditional conservative means of observing security and have the right to do it. Yet they do not shy away from occassionally sparing a day or a thought to the men in their lives and show their strength by still following traditions. As for those who feel this is not a necessary requisition for them to prove their being a good wife or a woman, well it is a free world and everyone has the right to live life the way they feel is right.