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The History of Christmas Carols

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

Christmas is here and what a beautiful feeling it is! Christmas is associated with Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, the Christmas pudding and Christmas Carols. Let us see how these carols started getting sung and the history of Christmas Carols.

Carols were first sung many years ago in Europe. These were known as pagan songs then and were sung on Dec 22 which is Winter Solstice. Carol actually means to dance around something and is a song of joy and praise. Carols were sung during all the seasons and surprisingly only the Christmas Carols has survived thus giving lot of credence to the history of Christmas Carols.

Gradually the Roman Bishop said that Angels Hymn a song should be sung regularly at a Christmas service in Rome. Then many others began to write Christmas Carols. By the 12th century, people almost stopped celebrating Christmas. St. Francis of Assissi changed this when he started the Nativity Plays in Italy. Here the carols continued again in the form of canticles.

Slowly the trend of carol singers or bands of people started when they used to be called Waits. They used to go house to house singing songs and expecting a reward in return. Carols thus got popularity again and they were very much a part of the Victorian period. Newer services were created and the custom of singing carols in the streets held ground. Carols by candlelight services are popular across the world.

Christmas is here very soon so brush up your Christmas carols now that you know the history behind it. Celebrate Christmas and do a lot of soul searching with the history of Christmas Carols.